Arbitrator Fees

Arbitrator Fees

Arbitration Should Be Faster and More Cost-Effective than Litigation

Reasonable Ad Hoc Arbitrator Fees

While party costs, including legal fees and expert fees, typically account for the majority of arbitration costs, the fees paid to arbitrators can also be significant.

William Kirtley tries to always charge reasonable arbitrator fees. He does not charge for the assistance of tribunal secretaries. When hearings are virtual, costs may be reduced further, as Mr. Kirtley does not charge for organizing virtual arbitration hearings.   

Reasonable Institutional Arbitrator Fees

Many arbitral institutions set arbitrator fees between minimum and maximum amounts. As arbitration should be more cost-effective than litigation, William Kirtley will always ask arbitral institutions to set his fees at less than the maximum amount.

Known for always issuing swift procedural timetables, he ensures the arbitration proceedings advance without needless delays. Beyond scheduling, William Kirtley has also made a name for himself for his rapid drafting of awards, his detailed decisions following swiftly on the heels of arbitration hearings.