Independent and Impartial

Independence and Impartiality

All good arbitrators should be fully independent and impartial. William Kirtley is the Managing Partner of an independent Swiss-based boutique arbitration practice and is beholden to no firm, special interest or institution. He will always strive to make rulings strictly in accordance with the underlying contract, black letter law and the evidence that has been presented by the parties.

During two decades of practice as both counsel and arbitrator, he is well aware that some arbitrators are motivated by concerns that are unrelated to the merits of the dispute and has seen some arbitration awards rendered that ignore the basic terms of contracts and the factual evidence that has been presented. He will always strive to rule strictly in accordance with the underlying contract and law, in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

William Kirtley is also well aware of tactics that may be used to upset the efficiency of arbitration proceedings and how best to avoid them. William Kirtley works in both English and French and has previously served in arbitrations subject to English law, French law, Swiss law, Singapore law, Spanish law, Russian law, Saudi Arabian law, Mexican law, Japanese law, German law, Turkish law, OHADA law, Malaysian law, Hong Kong law, Angolan law, Moldovan law, Albanian law, Romanian law, Georgian law, Uzbek law, public international law, various American laws, various Canadian laws, and the laws of many other common law and civil law jurisdictions.

  • All Time Zones

    William Kirtley serves as arbitrator for arbitrations taking place in all time zones.

  • Virtual Arbitration Hearings

    All hearings may be held virtually, should the parties so desire.

  • Efficient Arbitral Proceedings

    William Kirtley will always organise efficient arbitral proceedings, unless the parties jointly request otherwise.

  • Reasonable Arbitrator Fees

    Arbitration should be less expensive than litigation. Arbitrator fees will always be reasonable.

  • Strict Confidentiality

    All matters will remain fully confidential, unless the parties choose otherwise.

  • Accuracy and Technical Knowledge

    Intelligent decisions on highly-technical matters.